Pentagram pendant
“Love and Power”

“The pentagram is believed to be a potent guard against evil, and this pendant’s enclosing circle brings the wearer universal wisdom and protection. It reminds me to have love and power in my heart.”

18ct yellow and white fairtrade gold
112/1.1ct pave set white diamonds
60/0.9ct pave set small diamond cut blue sapphires
1/0.32ct sapphire centre stone
Gemstones, precious metals & blessings:
Known as the wisdom stone, sapphires release mental tension, depression and confusion. They restore balance, bringing serenity and peace of mind.
Diamonds represent faithfulness, purity and innocence, accentuating the healing qualities of other crystals.
White gold combines the sun and moon’s energy, thus being the highest possible gem amplifier.
Each Pentagram pendant is blessed by a Buddhist monk to bring the wearer extra positivity and joy.