Lisa Butcher


Having exploded into the fashion world in her early teens, and hailed as the Face of the 90s by Norman Parkinson, Lisa Butcher won the first ever Elle’s Angel competition and landed the cover. She was fêted by superstar designers and photographers, going on to be a cover girl on international titles, as well as fronting campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, Max Factor, Topshop, Ralph Lauren, Hardy Amies and Lancaster. Lisa had to learn to play the fame game fast, whilst still finding out who she was and how she would make her in way in the world.

Transitioning from modelling to television presenting, Lisa’s blue chip credits include The Big Breakfast, Britain’s Next Top Model and What Not To Wear. She used her public profile and voice to lend support and increase awareness around issues of child safety and global development through voluntary work as Global Ambassador for the Christina Noble Foundation and FairTrade Foundation.

Two decades later, having dealt with personal tragedies and triumphs, career highs and lows, motherhood, and conquering new arenas, Lisa is now acknowledged as one of the UK’s first supermodels, a role model for young women, television presenter, journalist and a global philanthropist and agent for change. Most importantly, she is mother to her two daughters. With SAKTI, she adds a jewellery designer string to her bow.

From her birth in Singapore and childhood in Bali, Indonesia and Mauritius, Lisa formed a deep and lasting affinity with the Asian melting pot of culture and religion, culminating in her own spiritual renaissance and manifesting in the SAKTI collection, an embodiment of all that is precious and powerful in her life. In Hinduism, Sakti is not only the source of creative energy but an agent of change; in Sanskrit its Nepalese meaning is feminine power – so it’s an appropriate name for Lisa’s jewellery line as these meanings have a deep resonance with her.

When she first came to the UK, Lisa was confronted by the occasional small- minded intolerance of this fair land’s native inhabitants, and sought a way to keep with her a constant reminder of a more Balinese attitude: open-heartedness with a generosity of spirit. SAKTI began life as her very personal response – bejewelled mementos to empower and keep her going through the trials and tribulations of life.

The original items were one-off pieces made for her alone, but Lisa continued and is now at a stage in her life and career where she can draw on her remarkable journey to inform her designs and craft unique, inspiring and beautiful jewellery to share with others.

In the SAKTI spirit of tolerance and empathy, Lisa has been fastidious about making sure the provenence of her jewellery is accounted for. That’s why as far as possible she has continued her work with the FairTrade Foundation and sources all gold from FairTrade producers – helping miners to formalise and improve their mining and business practices. This includes strict standards on working conditions, health and safety, handling chemicals, women’s rights, child labour and protection of the environment.

In addition, each and every piece in the SAKTI collection is blessed by a Buddhist monk to ensure that the symbolism of the designs and positive energy of each of the gemstones is amplified, and to bring the wearer positivity and joy.