Lotus leaf pendant
“Rise and Bloom”

“The lotus flower is an auspicious symbol in Chinese and Tibetan iconography. With a freshwater pearl and leaf, it symbolises growth, hope, rebirth and renewal.”

9.8g 18ct white fairtrade gold
177/2.08ct white diamonds
Additional onyx leaf and/or freshwater pearl attachment
Gemstones, precious metals & blessings:
Freshwater pearls promote sincerity, truth and loyalty.
Onyx is a stone of inner strength, promoting persistence, focus, dedication and discipline.
Diamonds represent faithfulness, purity and innocence, accentuating the healing qualities of other crystals.
White gold combines the sun and moon’s energy, thus being the highest possible gem amplifier.
Each Lotus Leaf pendant is blessed by a Buddhist monk to bring the wearer extra positivity and joy.