Aventurine pendant
“Luck and Opportunity”

“Known as the ‘stone of opportunity’, green aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals. It releases old patterns, habits and disappointments, and has allowed me to move forward and embrace change.”

Yellow gold cage
3/0.05ct diamonds
Rough aventurine stone
Gemstones, precious metals & blessings:
Green aventurine brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing new growth can take place. It enhances creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in maneouvering life’s obstacles.
Diamonds represent faithfulness, purity and innocence, accentuating the healing qualities of other crystals.
Gold is an excellent high level gem amplifier, positively charged with warming sun energy.
Each Aventurine pendant is blessed by a Buddhist monk to bring the wearer extra positivity and joy.