Aum ring
“All that Is”

“Hindu and Tibetan Aum signs symbolise ‘All that Is’ and bookend meditation, while the garnet channels positive energy and self- confidence. This piece is a reminder that at any time we can tune in and find our inner Zen.”

11.5g 18ct white fairtrade gold
196/1.17cts white diamonds
10x12mm cushion cut garnet
Gemstones, precious metals & blessings:
Garnets are stones of regeneration, said to bring order to chaos and used to ground one’s dreams in reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, and realisation of ambition.
Diamonds represent faithfulness, purity and innocence, accentuating the healing qualities of other crystals.
White gold combines the sun and moon’s energy, thus being the highest possible gem amplifier.
Each Aum ring is blessed by a Buddhist monk to bring the wearer extra positivity and joy.